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The Lance (wahúkeza) commonly used by the Plains Indian was used for hunting, warfare and ceremony.

Tanka with a couple of Lances made by Dow Haddaway - Shawnee

Plains Indian Lance with buffalo fur | wool, ermine, horse hair, trade cloth, cotton calico, etc.

Plains Indian Lance ornament featuring ermine, feathers, wool cloth, glass beads, buckskin thonging, etc.

Based on a Blackfeet museum lance | spear with various feathers,  feather bundle, wool cloth, ermine, fur, etc.

Based on a Blackfoot (Kainai) 1800's museum example

beaver fur, feathers, silk, ermine, wool trade cloth etc. approx. 51 inches long not incl. horse hair or feathers.

Short spears or lances wrapped in fur were used in society dances, probably never in battle. Staffs and other items including other lances were associated with specific societies and were carried by warriors as a badge of honor

note: this lance is similar to the lance carried by Wind in His Hair (Dances with Wolves)

Plains lance features a hand forged Buffalo lance head measuring 15” inches - covered with buffalo fur, trade cloth, calico and deer skin. also horse hair, two ermine and coyote fur. (Similar to the Lance carried by Wind in His Hair (Pȟehíŋ Otȟáte) | Dances with Wolves

Northern Cheyenne replica lance is circa 1870. It features 3 types of feathers & is around 51 inches long. 

Lance banner not antiqued - shown on a lance with forged head buffalo lance (antiqued to look old)

Replica of a Plains Indian Lance with lance ornament (based on a museum lance) buffalo fur, glass beads, trade cloth, feathers, clay paints, brass studs, other furs such as ermine, coyote, otter and rabbit

Some scholars say that that the original museum Dance Lance  that this one is based on is Blackfoot, others say they think it is Osage due to the use of Owl feathers.
hand made metal blade, various feathers, carved wooden buffalo, rawhide, glass beads (lazy stitched), Otter fur, brass bells, shoe buttons, brass beads, bear claw, etc

NOTE: Some lances | spears are photographed featuring birds of prey feathers. These feathers were legally obtained from live molting birds with an accompanying Article 10 License. Therefore, they were legally sold to customers living in the EEC Community only. In accordance with the laws of the United States regarding the prohibition of sale or trade of the Nations Symbol and other birds of prey or migratory habits - they cannot however be sold to any customer living in the USA. We can however offer our American customers hand painted feathers that look like Eagle feathers & Owl, etc.  Swan, Goose, Pheasant, Crow, Raven, etc., are also available