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1870's museum replica drum attributed as Lakota (Teton / Western Sioux)

made of Buffalo Rawhide, clay paints, trade cloth


Although the imagery of this drum is based on an 1870's Ghost Dance Shield, we have not replicated it in full as not to dishonor the vision of the original owner.

(buffalo rawhide & clay pigment paints)

Back of a drum

Lakota Sioux "Spirit Horse" Drum- based on museum example (16 inch head) with hand made pegs, painted with earth pigment clay paints

The Lakota Sioux drum above is featured as cover art on this book


NORTHERN PLAINS DRUM (museum replica) 18 inch drum made with buffalo rawhide, brain tan deer skin

Painted with clay pigment paints


PLAINS BUFFALO EFFIGY DRUM 16” drum painted with clay earth pigment paints, deer rawhide, wood rim, etc.

The image on this drum is from what is thought to be Crow. It is from a shield ca. 1840 (formerly in the old War Department Collection) and now housed in the Smithsonian Institute.
The image reflects protective bear power. The dominant red paw seems to be warding off enemy fire and protecting other bears represented by the smaller bear paws. Plains warriors recognized the strength and courage of the Grizzly Bear and sought to acquire some of its power for themselves in dreams and in visions.  Elk rawhide, wood, clay earth pigment paints, deer skin, buffalo fur, medicine bag, cotton calico, artist Grizzly Bear claw etc.

SIOUX DRUM (18 inch) - museum replica - buffalo rawhide, clay paints, arrow shafts, sinew, deer skin, buffalo fur, etc


Double sided drum features and Arapaho Thunderbird painted with clay paints, buffalo medicine bundle with buffalo hair (from Tanka) and some old trade beads.