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Having been in business for 25 years, our intent is to continue to offer historically accurate custom made Native American | Plains Indian pieces that will produce heirlooms for generations to come. We specialize in historically accurate custom hand made items of the North American Indian. This comprises of museum replicas, headdresses | war bonnets, weapons | regalia and collectibles. Each art piece is created on an individual basis by honoring that person with a visionary process - combined with research. This honors the traditions of the past and the present.

We have represented many Native American Indian artisans and are very honored and proud to have showcased their work on our web site. We are also very proud to have worked with the following:

Fort Sill Museum, Oklahoma

Finding Neverland starring Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet and Dustin Hoffman (Nominated for Best Costumes 77th Academy Awards)

Headdress for Buffalo Point First Nations Museum

Various other museums

Quanah Parker's daughter's dress & moccasins for Copper Breaks State Park Museum - Texas Parks & Wildlife

We have worked on various movies from Disney, Miramax, Film Four, Universal Pictures, etc

Hyde Park on Hudson starring Bill Murray

Boardwalk Empire (second series)

Waking the Dead (BBC)

Native Arts trading  featured in Native Peoples Magazine for headdresses & other items

Headdress for TOMMY HILFIGER's global flagship store in Manhattan

Beaded jacket for the Chief of the Pamunkey Tribe worn for the Tax Treaty Ceremony of 1647 and 1677 for the Governor of Virginia at the governor's mansion

STAGE ONE - nationally acclaimed professional theatre in Louisville Kentucky

Vogue magazine

Corporate Events

and many more…..


When making a piece for a client, we utilize authentic traditional materials such as earth pigment paints, combined with complete love and care. Each piece is hand sewn using glass beads, smoked or brain tanned skins, traditional designs, earth pigment paints, and fringes are all cut by hand. We use old seed beads from the 1800's and early 1900's for certain a projects. Love and energy to protect and honor is incorporated into each creation.We take extreme care when replicating a piece by researching it thoroughly. (see About Us)


Much of the work is sent back to collectors in the States and also to clients worldwide - including to many native people, museums, corporations and the film / theatre industry. We painstakingly age each piece to provide and authentic old appearance as though it was originally from the 1800's. Although we do not have a walk-in store, why not drop by for a visit when in Scotland.

If you would like to discuss any of the items or would like to discuss having any item(s) custom made - all we need is your phone number .


We are always looking for talented Native American artisans that would like to showcase their hand made traditional items such as beadwork, weaponry, etc. , on our web site.  Also, collectors that would like to consign for sale quality Native American Collectibles with us.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss this opportunity.


Sharon & Barry Holton


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