Knife Sheaths (scabbards) of the Plains, Blackfeet, Sioux, Cheyenne, Apache, Ute. Woodlands, Southwest, Plateau & Basin, etc.

A warrior kept his knife in a sheath or case (knife sheath).  In most instances, it was big enough to virtually swallow up the knife.  This protected the handle and blade from moisture, and kept the knife secure during hectic activities.  The case was made of heavy rawhide, sometimes simply folded over and other times having an insert for additional spacing and strength.

The everyday working case was left fairly plain, but was sometimes painted with geometrical designs.

Some of the larger sheaths were spectacular with beautiful patterns and brass tacks and beads added to them in many different ways.
Northern Plains
Cheyenne Knife Sheath Plains Knife Sheath
Crow Knife Sheath

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Cheyenne Knife sheath was $499

Crow replica ca. 1870

Green clay paint rubbed case with brass tacks, tin cones, yellow dyed horse hair, trade cloth edging - applique and lazy stitch beadwork

14 inches long x 5 inches wide

This example was $399

Plains Knife Sheath

Apache Knife Sheath

Plains Knife Sheath was $499
Apache Knife Sheath
Plains Sheath
Crow knife Sheath
Woodlands Knife Sheath

Replica circa 1875

Elk Rawhide, Brass Cones, Wool Panel, Deer Hide, & Clay Paints, etc. - approx. 12-1/2" L

Knife Sheath (above) was presented with an old knife

Crow Knife Sheath was $399
Cheyenne Scabbard
Sioux knife Sheath was $499
Woodlands knife sheath was $395.00
Northern Plains
Plains Indian Knife Sheath
Northern Plains
Plains Knife Sheath

Cheyenne Scabbard

twisted fringe, earth pigment paints, etc.




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