Examples of Plains Indian Shields

American Indian shields, war shield, dance shield, medicine shield, etc.

Shields used by Native American Indians in battle and also decorated with anything that would add power to the wearer. A shield was very important in that it would sometimes be the first thing an enemy would see and it needed to be very powerful to frighten off anyone that would do harm.

Chief Little Rock Shield - Cheyenne

Replica museum shield CHIEF LITTLE ROCK - Cheyenne 1860 / 1868


Brain tanned buffalo cover and hard shield, feathers, brass bells, corn husks, clay pigment paints, etc.


Here is a shield cover made of brain tanned buffalo and hard shield made from buffalo rawhide

This shield is based the shield cover is based on a museum replica Oglala Sioux shield but have incorporated the clients personal medicine on the shield and shield cover.


There were two types of shields used by the Plains Indian. The shield made from the hump or the rump of the buffalo and then covered with a soft skin shield cover, or the other type of shield made of buffalo rawhide but supported with a handmade wooden hoop. We are offering both options.

Shield with handmade wooden hoop starting at $495

Buffalo rump / hump shield starting at $695 with buffalo or deer skin cover starting at $525, or both starting at $1220 (shield painted and cover painted)

Sioux shield
Here is a shield cover (made of brain tanned buffalo) based on Rain in the Face's shield, but we have changed the Thunderbird / Eagle as per the clients request and added a few items that the client also wanted on the shield.
Rain In The Face
Sioux shield with shield cover
Lakota shield
Rain in the Face (SIOUX) replica shield from b & w photograph above

Inspired by Rain in the Face's (Lakota Sioux) shield cover (left), Hard buffalo rawhide shield based on a Hidatsa museum shield

Plains Indian Sheild
Plains Indian shield
Sioux shield

Lakota Sioux Thunderbird War shield (based on a museum example)

elk rawhide | hand made wooden hoop

Native American shield
Plains buffalo hump / rump shield featuring a bear - painted with clay paints, beads, Eagle fluffs, hide glue, sinew, etc.
Black War Bonnet ca 1863
Replica museum SIOUX brain tan buffalo soft cover featuring either human or horse hair, otter and coyote fur. Painted with earth pigment paints.
Crow shield
Buffalo hump shield
Plains Indian shield
American Indian shield
buffalo rump / hump shield
Crow shield replica - circa mid 19th century (with human hair locks) - New Orleans Museum, Louisiana

Four Directions ca. 1873

hand made wooden hoop, rawhide, trade cloth, deer skin, hawk bells, etc.

Repro 1877

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