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ceremonial feather fans and prayer feathers


Native American Indians believed that feathers were gifts from Great Spirit. Birds were regarded as the highest spirit animal on earth and feathers were used to carry prayers to Great Spirit. They were decorated with stones, beads, and sometimes bones. Each Indian had their own power symbol for their prayer feathers.
Today, they are still used in the traditional way, and also in the healing arts.

Sharon makes feathers for both the healing arts and also replicates feather fans from the 1800's. They are made for your specific requirements and with permission - Sharon tunes into your specific energies and creates the beadwork designs and puts energies (also through her visions) and prayers into each individual feather. Depending on your specific needs, each feather is created as it would have been created in the old days with love, care and ceremony.


Prayer Feathers: starting at $175

Feather Fans: starting at $438

(Prayer feathers and Feather Fans are custom-made to your specific requirements, color of beads, bead design etc., & accessories)

Crazy Horse Prayer Feather

The vision of Crazy Horse as a boy would direct his every action for the rest of his life. After witnessing the first of many battles between the Lakota and the soldiers where Chief Conquering Bear and several soldiers were killed, he went off by himself for three days where he sought to understand what had happened and what place he would fill in the coming years. On the third day, he saw a horse and rider emerge from a body of water and float in the air. The horseman was dressed in breechcloth with leggings only and one feather in his hair. His hair was unbraided. He wore no war paint. A voice spoke to Crazy Horse saying, “You are to help the people with whatever needs they have. You are not to take anything for yourself. If you go to war, bullets and arrows will not harm you as long as you dress in plain clothes, wear your hair unbraided with only one feather on your head and carry a small stone behind your ear. Before you mount your horse you are to throw dust over yourself and your horse.” A crowd of people now appeared in the vision; they tried to hold the horseman back by grabbing onto his arms. He rode through the people and kept going. A thunderstorm appeared with hail and lightning all around, the horseman kept on riding. The storm faded, showing the horseman with hail spots on his body and a zigzag streak of lightning on his cheek. In the quiet after the storm, a red tail hawk appeared overhead, his scream echoing as he flew over the horseman. Now the people appeared again grabbing at the horseman’s arms, but he pulled away from them and rode off. (The above account of Crazy Horse’s vision is taken from Freedman, The Life and Death of Crazy Horse

Plains feather fan (replica)
NOTE: Some prayer feathers are photographed featuring a bird of prey feather. These feathers were legally obtained from live molting birds with an accompanying Article 10 License. Therefore, they can be legally sold to customers living in the EC Community only. In accordance with the laws of the United States regarding the prohibition of sale or trade of the Nations Symbol and other birds of prey or migratory habits - they cannot however be sold to any customer living in the USA. We can however offer our American customers turkey feathers hand painted to look like an Eagle feather. Also Swan, Goose, Pheasant, Crow, Raven, etc.
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