Horse Regalia | Horse Tack of the North American Indian (Plains, Prairies, Basin, Southwest and Plateau)

Beaded bridles | Martingales | Collars | Horse Masks | Beaded Saddle Blankets | Head Ornaments | etc

Nez Perce', Crow, Shoshone, Salish, Cayuse, Apache, etc.

CLOTHING WEAPONS HEADDRESSES BEADWORK REGALIA HORSE TACK Native American War Shirt Plains Indian War Shirt Native American Shield Plains Indian Headdress Buffalo Horn Headdress Hair Ornment Plains War Shield Apache Boots Painted Buffalo Skull North American Bison Bear Claw Necklace Plains Indian Leggings Plains Bow Case and Quiver Plains Beaded Jacket Blackfeet Stand-up Headdress Plains Indian Belt Tanka the Buffalo Plains Indian Dress Native American Moccasins Plains Indian War Bonnet Plains Moccasins Porky Roach Native American headdress Plains Indian Moccasins Plains Indian Lance native american plains dresses native amerian dresses STOCK ITEMS HOME

Plains Indian Horse Regalia

martingales / horse collars

head ornaments

horse masks / hoods


beaded saddle blankets

saddle bags

rein attachments

saddle ornaments


plus other horse regalia

All of our horse regalia is custom made to order and made to fit your horse, and also made for display purposes.

Martingales, head ornaments, saddle bags, beaded bridles and beaded saddle blankets, etc.

We would be very happy to telephone you to discuss - if you provide your telephone number.


Beaded bridles | Martingales | Collars | Horse Masks | Beaded Saddle Blankets | Head Ornaments | etc

Plains Indian Horse Mask Crow Indian Martingale Plains Indian Horse Mask Martingale Crow  Indian Bridle

Crow Indian Martinage

Replica Crow Indian Martingale

horse mask (based on a museum replica)

Nez Perce Bridle

Horse masks

Nez Perce bridle

deer skin, trade cloth, horse hair, glass beads, etc

Plains Indian Horse Masks

beaded feathers

beaded feathers for horse's mane

Beaded Horse Mask of the Plains Indian

completely beaded horse mask

completely beaded horse mask made for a client in Montana

Plains Indian Horse Mask


-native american beadwork

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